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Performance Coach

An iPhone application to help you improve your coaching success everyday…

Performance Coach is an iPhone application that can help any manager become a more effective and successful coach! Coaching interactions require clear communication despite significant personality and perceptual differences that easily get in the way. It’s challenging to say the least, and your success depends upon your ability to understand three key components above all else:
  • What your management style is, and how to best leverage your style during coaching,
  • How your employees’ motivation, perceptions, and expectations differ from each other, and
  • How to adapt to their individual needs, expectations, and communication styles.
As a manager you own the responsibility for making all your coaching interactions productive and beneficial to your employees, the organization, and yourself. Your success depends upon your ability to communicate with each person as an individual and to handle each interaction the right way.

Performance Coach provides critical insights into the correct method for coaching each employee. By completing the OMS Questionnaire (about 5 to 8 minutes) on the iPhone you learn about yourself. You create your personal Interaction Style, which identifies your motivation, your behavioral talents and challenges for coaching, and your coaching style. It’s self-awareness, and all great managers have to have it. View Sample Coaching Style Report and Graph…

By completing the Interaction Styles Checklist (about 2 minutes) on an employee or team member you are able to look at the world through the eyes of that person, to understand how their motivation, worldview, needs, preferences, and expectations may differ from your own. Performance Coach gives you valuable insight into the employee’s worldview and creates the strategy and tactics you need to adapt your style to be most responsive and aligned with the employee. Objectively understanding each employee is a powerful advantage to bring to every influencing interaction. View Sample Employee Report and Graph

It all happens on your iPhone! You can review your style any time you want to, maintain and review the styles and coaching strategies for all your employees at any time, add and delete contacts, and even email the reports on yourself and your employees to any email address.

To be effective as a management coach you must understand yourself and your employees – what motivates you, how you behave, how you communicate, what you expect of one another, and how you differ. You must also know how to use these insights to develop the coaching strategy and tactics with each employee that will lead to more productive change and sustained improvement. Performance Coach does this for you!

The OMS Questionnaire, a brief personality inventory, will generate your Interaction Style graph and several reports to help you understand your motivation, your natural behaviors, your manner of communicating, your natural coaching style, and how you can adapt to make your coaching approach more effective.

Using the IS Checklist you can create an Interaction Styles graph and several reports on each of your employees or team members. You will understand each person’s traits, behaviors, motivation, worldview, perceptions and expectations for management, and how you differ in key areas that can affect the coaching interaction and outcome.

For each employee Performance Coach generates a report that integrates your style with the employee’s to create an individual strategy with coaching tactics that will help you reduce tension, communicate more clearly, reach agreements more easily, and develop a coaching plan more likely to result in sustained, appropriate behavioral change and improvement

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